About Us

Myanmar Container Trucking Association (MCTA) was established in 19th July 2009 by temporary executives committee. The Association was officially registered in 13th June 2012 as a union-level association. Company registration number is 117380742 and office location is No. (84/88), Room (1101-02), 11th floor, Botahtaung Zay Road, Botahtaung Township, Yangon. The association is currently (2022) organizing with more than (80) member transport companies, over 2,200 trucks and 400 members. As the Association is a non-profit organization, we did our best to solve the difficulties faced by truck operators related to their business with the 14 purposes of the association. And also presented the issues to the relevant authorities and coordinated with them. This association serves as a bridge between government organizations and truck operators and also connecting with local associations, federations and foreign partner organizations for exchanging information and technologies.

Myanmar Container Trucking Association is organizing
  • To be able to compete with the ASEAN community and regional countries
  • To be able to import modernize vehicles for members
  • To be able to expand and formation of branches at border gates/cities
  • To be able to compete with regional countries in cross-border cargo transportation and having access to information and technologies
  • To be able to know the actions of association and working together with the members
  • To be able to follow the rules and ensuring the safety of truck drivers and helpers by continuous monitoring